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Work Orders Auto Email Feature


Youíre going to love this little wonder. Start the program and let it run in the background. As new work orders become due this program will email a copy of the work order to the person or persons responsible for the completion of the tasks, and all automatically!

So basically this is how it works. You setup a recurring work order in the Maintenance Scheduler. The Work Order automatically regenerates itself over and over again. When the new work orders becomes due, they mail themselves to the people responsible for their completion. Itís like a hands free work orders system.

  •  Support all Work Order Types.

  •  Setup days in advance to send emails.

  •  Specify the attachments to be in Portable Document Format (.pdf), or the Rich Text Format (.rtf), which is supported by most commercial word processors.

  •  Can run in the background without any user intervention.

  • Can be operated manually.

  Also supported are notices for:

  • New work requests.

  • New Purchase Documents.

  • New Issues.

  • Completion Notices.

Works with Outlook, Outlook Express or SMTP type servers.




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