What's New in Version 5 of the

Maintenance Coordinator Software System


Major Enhancements


  • Upgrade the database engine used throughout the program to use newer versions of Microsoft Access and the ADO technology. This required re-writing a big majority of the code. While we were at it we redesign much of the program to enhance its performance while using this newer technology.

  • Improved the graphical interface with new tool bars, added graphics to menus and tabs, and new support for different visual themes. Depending on your operating system, selectable themes include Default theme, Windows 9x, Windows 2000, Office XP, Office 2003, and Office 2007.

  • User accounts have been modified to give better control over what a user can and can not do within the application and its modules.

  • Personal Manager module has been modified to allow users to do all the things they did before plus we added the ability to track and add work orders and purchasing documents. These enhancements allow the user to add and view documents that pertain to them and without having to give them access to other elements of the program. For many of the users this may now be the only module they’ll ever need.

Other Enhancements


  • New Purchasing Document Creation Wizard in the Purchasing and Receiving module.

  • New User Defined fields added to the Purchasing module that can also be setup to be printed on Purchase Orders.

  • We improved our built in text editor and then made it available to every area of the program we thought it would be useful.

  • New, more graphical monthly calendar in the Maintenance Scheduler module. View and edit tasks in day, week, work week and month views. The database can also be sorted to view all tasks, view for a single mechanic, or a single machine.

  • New Email Composer added to Maintenance Scheduler module. This makes it a lot easier to email work orders.

  • New work order audits. Create check lists to audit how a task has been completed, and to ensure that it was meets safety and other required standards.

  • Equipment and Asset module now have a listing of all the work orders associated with that equipment. Work orders can also be printed from within this module.

  • Now assign default safety instructions to equipment. This way as new work orders are created, they are automatically assigned these instructions.

  • The Equipment module now supports the import and export of Equipment Meter collection to and from Excel spreadsheets.

  • Add documents links to the Documents Feature used throughout Maintenance Coordinator. Documents can be linked, be images or use the internal word processor.

  • Added a PDF export option for documents 6 pages and under to the built-in editor (word processor) used throughout the program. This effectively gives you a small PDF writer.

  • Added an Equipment Bill of Materials List, allowing you to track and assign all the materials needed and used by each asset.

  • Increased the 'Every XXX' criteria field to except number of over 2 billion. (5.1.4)

  • Increased internal 'Email' fields to 255 characters. (5.1.4)

  • Mini-PM, Change Over and the three Safety Related Work Order types' titles are now user definable. (5.2.0)

  • And much more.


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