What's New in Version 6 of the

Maintenance Coordinator Software System


  • New Support for Office 2007 and Windows Vista and Windows 7 interfaces.

  • Many new icons installed throughout that support the higher detailed graphics used by the Office 2007 and Vista interfaces.

  • Made use of Office 2007 Ribbon wherever possible. This ribbon is much more graphical than the former toolbars and menus.

  • Support for new Vista color themes (Vista Blue, Vista Black, Vista Silver and Vista Aqua).

  • Ability to change the display style of Task/Shortcut panels.

  • Added the ability to have recurring work orders skip scheduling new tasks for weekends.

  • Tasks that would normally appear on Saturday or Sunday will be scheduled to commence on the following Monday instead (optional setting).

  • New Maintenance Repair Codes.

  • New Repair Codes Report.

  • Ability to have universal codes.

  • Ability to have codes specific to selected equipment.

  • These codes can be used to help classify tasks, or can be used to track repair issues. When used for issue tracking, can also be used for predictive maintenance.

  • New Completion/Status E-mail feature. As repair types of work orders are completed, the work requester is sent a copy of the work order with updated information.

  • As new repair types of work orders or work requests are added to the system a designated email recipient is sent a notice that these new documents were added to the system.

  • Added the ability to print every work order in the Scheduler’s list when the list contains 30 or less records.

  • This should be especially useful when used in conjunction with the Custom Sort Wizard.

  • Added the ability to print work orders from within the PM Planner window.

  • Added new default Start and End times for work orders and PMs. As new records are added, these times will be automatically set.

  • Added the ability to record Pump Information in the Equipment module.

  • Also includes a report on all pumps in the system, and allows scheduling and reporting on pump inspections.

  • Added the ability to print purchasing documents in both portrait and landscape formats in the Purchasing and Receiving module.

  • Added “Tool Tip” messages throughout the system to give the user feedback to what a control or feature does. This addition along with the new Ribbon Bar makes the application even more users friendly.

  • Added a new “Document Preview” in the Personal Manager’s Personal Journal. This makes locating a specific document much easier.

  •  Added additional HR type information to the Mechanics and Employees module.

  •  Set Employees as “Inactive”, this way they won’t show up on lookup lists.

  •  Record other general information such as Termination information, and more.

  • New activity database added to the Mechanics and Employees module. Activity types include Renewals (licenses, etc), vacations and leaves. You also have the ability to report on these activities.

  • New HR Calendar added. View, print and edit your Training, Vacations, Renewals, and Leave schedules.

  • Added Links to external documents within the Procedures and Solutions module. These work just like the links found elsewhere in the application.

  • Added the ability to create Charts directly from reports data in the Reports and Graphics module. Works much like the same type of feature found in Excel.

  • New ‘Like’ selection criteria in reports setups that support wild card characters in the Reports and Graphics module.

  • Added additional formatting features to the Reports and Forms modules.  These help streamline document formatting.

  • Added a new cell type of Checkbox to the Forms and Permits module, plus two new forms. Bloodborn Pathogen Exposure and Lockout-Tagout form.

  • Added support to the optional Remote Request module to support user defined work order types, and recording of requester’s email information. Requester’s can now be easily emailed updates on their requests.

  • As new Work Requests are imported with the optional Remote Request module, a notice can be sent to let the requester know that you received and imported their requests.

  •  Added Purchasing 'On-Order' routines. If an item is added to a purchasing document it will be considered on order until all items ordered are received.

  • On order items will no longer show up on Purchasing Under-Stock routines, and a warning will be provide if it's added to a new purchase document.

  • Added support for outgoing port and Secured Password Authorization (SPA) for SMTP mail routines used throughout.

  • Added an option to automatically print work orders instead of emailing them in the Auto Email module.

  • Added a document search feature in the Procedures and Solutions module where you can search documents by key words.

  • And more...


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