What's New in Version 4 of the

Maintenance Coordinator Software System


General Features


  • Greater E-mail support. Now works with almost any internet based e-mail (smtp) server (Outlook, Notes, etc.)
  • ISO document control support for work orders and purchase documents.
  • New PDF export option for many of the built-in reports. Depending on the report, export options now include: RTF, Word, PDF, Excel, HTML, Text and others.
  • New Outlook style shortcut interface installed wherever applicable.
  • New XP like icons added to the common toolbar used throughout.
  • Improved support for higher resolution displays (larger screens and auto resizing).
  • Enhanced support for international dates and currency.
  • New improved lookup screens where information can be entered as needed (parts, equipment, etc.).
  • New quick find routines installed throughout to help streamline item lookups.


Maintenance Scheduler


  • Print company information and icon on work order documents
  • Enhanced ‘PM Planner’ scheduler where you can create new tasks and reschedule existing tasks.
  • Added the ability to record meter reading directly on the work order.
  • New ‘PM Calendar’ scheduler where you can schedule tasks in day or week views, plus print day, week, month schedules and more.
  • New charts and graphs types of reports
  • New ‘Master Task’ completion screen which streamlines the closing of work orders and saving information to history logs.
  • New user defined fields added that can also be printed on work order documents. These can be used to specify whatever your company wants to use them for.
  • New optional printing of Buildings and Room numbers on Work orders and PMs.
  • Documents feature added that’s compatible with the PM Coordinator application.
  • Mechanic’s work schedule shows up on lookup screen, this way you can see if they are available to perform the task.
  • Added the ability to prevent the generation of automatic work orders for equipment not In-Service.
  • Added the ability to change the comments section title to anything you want.
  • Added Projected and Actual Man Hours reports.
  • Added re-useable comments field database similar to the re-useable PM task instructions.
  • Added the "XX Days M-F" recurring frequency.
  • Added the "Record Steps" And "Steps Taken to Complete Work Order" sections to work order documents.


Purchasing and Receiving


  • Improved support for Aging documents with new Aging screen.
  • New support for Blanket Purchasing Orders where child documents can be added to a master document. Auto tracking of blanket balance and more.
  • New document lookup screen.
  • New e-mail composer for writing e-mails to vendors or anyone else for that matter.
  • New support for e-mailing quotation requests to suppliers where purchase items are automatically added to the e-mail body.
  • New support for automatically attaching the current purchase document to an e-mail (PDF file).
  • Fixed random order of purchase items to remember order they were entered.
  • Added Date Promised, Confirmation Number and Vendor’s Reference to Purchase Orders documents.
  • Added optional approval line on the bottom of Purchase Orders.
  • Added Classifications tree view option as found in many of the other modules.
  • New Receiving Report and expanded part movement history tracking from 5 items to 50, per part.
  • Added Unit Type fields to Purchasing documents.


Other Module Level Features


  • The Reports and Graphics module now has the ability to open and save report setups. No more need to recreate reports from scratch.
  • Added a full feature Word Processor to the Reports and Graphics module.
  • Separated Accident, Injured and Witness reports for a cleaner interface, and better form resizing support in the Safety Management module.
  • Added under stock sort in Inventory module.
  • New redesigned scheduler in the Personal Module where you can now add notes to your appointments.
  • Added down time tracking in the Work Orders module.
  • Added meter reading tracking to Work Orders module.
  • Enhanced report wizard in Work Orders module.
  • You can now calculate asset depreciation using either the straight-line or double-declining balance methods in the Equipment module.
  • Added meter types to Equipment module (hours, mileage, etc).
  • Added a room field to the Equipment module. You can specify a property, building, and a room within that building.
  • Added Account and User information to part checkouts, and created an enhanced Part Checkout report.
  • Added the "Work Order Part Usage" report to the Parts and Inventory module.


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