New and Enhanced Features of

PM Coordinator - Version 4

General Features


  • The entire program has a closer looks and feel of the Maintenance Scheduler found in the Maintenance Coordinator 4.x applications.
  • New PDF export option for many of the built-in reports and work orders.
  • New XP like icons added to the common toolbar used throughout.
  • Enhanced support for international dates and currency.
  • New improved lookup screens where information can be entered as needed (mechanics, equipment, etc.).
  • New quick find routines installed throughout to help streamline item lookups.
  • New ink saving feature for many of the reports


Maintenance Scheduler


  • Print company information and icon on work order documents
  • Enhanced ‘PM Planner’ scheduler where you can create new tasks and reschedule existing ones.
  • New ‘Master Task’ completion screen which streamlines the closing of work orders and saving information to history logs.
  • Added the ability to assign various mechanics to work orders. You can now track hours and costs associated with these mechanics.
  • Mechanic’s work schedule shows up on lookup screen, this way you can see if they are available to perform the task.
  • Added re-useable comments field database similar to the re-useable PM task instructions.
  • Added various sort options including ‘Sort Open by Equipment’.
  • Track work order costs (labor, material, contractor, etc.).
  • Added Account and Project Fields
  • Increased the task instruction assignments from one set of instructions to three.


Added Reports


  • Work orders Details Report.
  • Downtime Report Wizard.
  • Equipment Summary Report.
  • Completion Summary Report.
  • Open Work Orders by Equipment Report
  • Open Work Orders by Mechanic Report
  • Projected Man Hours Needed Report.


And more…




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