What's New in Version 3 of the

Maintenance Coordinator Software System


In our continuing efforts to bring you the best Maintenance Management software available, we are proud to introduce you to these new and enhanced features found in version 3.

General Features

  • Better support for multiple database or locations setups.

  • Get email support from within the application's main menu.

  • Automatic Email of work orders to people responsible for their completion. (Learn More)

  • User defined fields added to Equipment, Mechanics, Parts and Contacts modules.

  • Attach external files and documents to Work Orders, Inventory Items and Equipment (3.2)**

  • Barcode labeling added to Equipment and Parts and Inventory modules.

  • New Database backup and repair utilities.

  • New Budget support for Purchasing and Work Orders (3.2)

  • Support for the new optional Work Orders Request module.

  • Join tables to custom reports in the Reports and Graphics module. (3.2)

  • New Predictive Maintenance Worksheet report in the Issues module. (3.2)

Maintenance Scheduler Module

  • Assign work orders to properties.

  • Optional assignment of work orders to clients.*

  • Assign work orders to Accounts and Projects.

  • Do Not Generate New work orders until previous ones are completed option.

  • Better handing of the Do Not Generate New function.

  • Generate new work orders by equipment meters or mileage readings.

  • Customize work orders for printing.

  • Auto Insertion of Task Completion comments into Equipment History Logs.

  • Projected Work Orders Costs Report. (3.2)

  • Work Orders Completion Analysis Report. (3.2)

  • Work Orders Parts Inventory Report. (3.2)

  • Current Work Orders Estimated Costs Report. (3.2)

Equipment and Machinery Module

  • Assign Equipment to Accounts and Classifications.

  • Meters Quick data collection form.

  • Assign to and manage properties.

  • Larger (unlimited size) Equipment Log/Maintenance History entries.

  • Added optional Client support.*

  • New Asset Report Wizards.

  • Spare Parts Inventory List Report (3.2)

Parts and Inventory Module.

  • Assign parts to Accounts and Classifications
  • New Inventory Report Wizard.
  • New Part Groups Report.
  • New Quick Find Feature.
  • New Quick Check-out from Parts Lookup screen.
  • Improved Equipment Assignments to Inventory Items. (3.2)
  • Open Equipment Parts Groups. (3.2)
  • Print Equipment Parts List (Bill of Materials). (3.2)

Purchasing and Receiving Module

  • Account information assigned to individual purchase items.
  • Automatic Purchase Requisitions created from under stock report.
  • Purchase Items - Account Report
  • New Purchasing Report Chart
  • Auto E-Mail Approval Routing. (3.3)

Completely New Modules Added or Available

Plus a lot more


* = Requires the optional Maintenance Service Module

** = Non-NT Systems only



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Last modified: 6/30/14