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Advanced and Extremely Effective CMMS Software

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If youíre in need of a world class, powerful, and extremely easy to use Computerized Maintenance Management system then you donít need to look any further. Our Maintenance Coordinator applications are designed not to just meet these requirements but to exceed them in many ways.

Our maintenance software has satisfied the needs of a widely diverse range of clie

nts. For just a sampling we have sold to many branches of local, state and federal governments. Hospitals, churches, manufacturing facilities of all kinds, warehouses, fleet management, and many others have chosen one of our products as their primary maintenance solution.  Why have they chosen us? Itís because we offer packages that meet most of, if not all of their requirements for features, ease of use and still maintain very competitive pricing.

Many of these clients also continue to stay with us for many years and version releases. The reason behind this customer loyalty is because we listen to them as to what they want and expect. If thereís a feature they need thatís not already in the system and we feel will benefit the majority of new and existing users, weíll add that feature free of charge. We do it all the time.

Other things that set us apart from many of our competitors will be found in our modular design of the software. Being one of the first to incorporate this design, it allows us to grow and enhance the software as needed. It also allows us to offer customized solutions where the user can purchase only the additional modules or features that they find useful.

Click on a module button in the image below to learn more about that module

Not in image: Auto Email Feature (Great feature, please read)

Maintenance Coordinator Ė Standard Edition is PM Coordinator's big brother and was designed to be a reflection of features many of our competitors offer, but it also employs many of our own unique features and styles. This package allows you to schedule recurring maintenance, repair maintenance, perform purchasing and inventory control activities, maintain complete maintenance histories and so much more.  Each module in this system also includes their own sets of reports, and makes use of report wizards as often as possible to allow the creation of some fairly custom reports.

As you will be able to read more about this as you check out the modules, one of our most useful features is our Auto-Email Feature. What this feature does is automatically emails the people responsible for work orders completion a copy of the actual work orders days prior to work start dates.  When used with Auto recurring work orders, itís like having an automatic work order system.

With Maintenance Coordinator Ė Professional Edition you get all the great features of the Standard Edition plus many other features you would normally have to shop elsewhere for. With features added with the Professional Edition you end up with a super-charged maintenance management system. Some of these enhancements include a project planner, HR management, Tools Database, Training and Procedures database, Issue tracking and handling, Forms and Permits, support for barcode reading and hand-held devices, your own report writer, safety management and more.

With our optional Portable Devices module you can take Maintenance Coordinator on the road with you. With the database synchronization routines it easy to port your databases to connected or disconnected resources such as local, server or cloud based databases. This also makes it a breeze to deploy Maintenance Coordinator to Windows tablets, laptops or other Windows Devices. This module also supports mobile barcode scanning devices and more.

In conclusion we would like you to note that we have just barely touched the surface of all the features this powerful system has to offer. Please click on the buttons in the image found below to find more details about individual modules in the system. We also thank for your interest in our products, and please give us a call if you have any questions.

Download or order a free Demo CD today!

We also invite you to experience these extraordinary systems first hand by ordering our Demonstration CD (U.S. and Canada only). The CD contains the actual programs that you can run for a 30-days trial period. We are convinced that once you try out this software youíre going to appreciate not only how effective it is, but also how easy it is to use. You should also really appreciate the value itís going to add to your organization by making your maintenance department more successful and efficient than ever.

Click the link below to view current pricing.

Download CMMS Brochure

Use the following link to download a Brochure on our CMMS software solutions in PDF format.

Build your Own Custom Maintenance Solution

With our Maintenance Coordinator CMMS you can build your own custom maintenance solution, thereby allowing you to create a system that is perfect for you and your organization. Many software packages today either leave out features, or include features youíll never use. Either way youíre going to pay. With our software system youíre only going to pay for what you want.

You start with the Maintenance Coordinator Ė Standard Edition as the base system. You then add only the modules your organization find useful from those offered from the Professional Edition. With this pick and choose method; youíre going to end up with a system that your organization is going to love.

PM Coordinator also available.

For those of you that are looking for an outstanding starter system, that don't need inventory control, check out our PM Coordinator software. This package has some of the same professional features as the Maintenance Coordinator System, and is fully compatible with it.

Sampling of Current Users.

Click the link below to see some of the companies that are currently using one of our maintenance software packages.

Order Your Free Demo CD 

Use the following link to order a Compact Disk of all of our products. This CD contains the actual programs that you can run on your system for a 30 days trial period. The CD also contains all of our Product Quick Tour Demos, and more. Order Now!

Download Maintenance Coordinator (30-day trial)

Use the following link to download both the Standard and Professional Editions of Maintenance Coordinator. This is the actual program that you can use for 30 days. Only minor limitations have been added such as no printing or exporting of data.

Minimum Requirements

        Windows Windows 7 or newer

        4 GB of RAM memory.

       100 MB free Hard Disk Space.



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